Minor and Drop-off Policy

Minors 15 & Under

Minors 15 & under must have a adult chaperone at least 18 years of age with them at all times.

Minors 16 & 17 Years Old

Minors 16 & 17 years of age must show a valid ID to enter without an adult chaperone.

Minors With Own Skates

Minors with their own skates do not require an adult chaperone to be present.

More Information Regarding Minors & Drop-off Policy

* Minors with their own skates have invested in the sport of roller skating therefore they will not need a chaperone.
* During our Saturday all day skate from 1-9pm, customers may stay up to 4 hours. (No all day drop-offs allowed)
* Skagit Skate reserves the right to revoke these policies to any minor not following our rules.