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Skagit Skate does not charge for parents that are spectating. Parents are more than welcome to watch the kids without having to pay. If parents decide to skate, they need to go to the front desk and purchase a skate rental ticket.

Outside food or drinks are not permitted in the facility. Skagit Skate offers a full size snackbar to fullfill your needs.
Please note: Cakes are allowed with a party reservation only.

Yes!!! You can bring your own skates and use them here at Skagit Skate as long as they pass our safety inspection at the front desk. Our safety inspection consists of: making sure they are in good working condition, cleanliness (no dirt stuck in the wheels or toe stop/brake), and making sure there are no dangerous bolts sticking out.

Yes. If you are hosting a party at Skagit Skate, you will need to wait in line and check in at the front desk. We need to confirm the party and make sure all your information is correct.

Yes. All customer need to wait in line at the front desk. If you are invited to a party, you will need to check-in at the front desk to get your ticket for your skates.

Parties will be paid after the party. Once the party is over, our staff will tally up your total for the party. You can pay at the front desk.

If they can walk, they can skate! The typical starting age for children is around their 1st birthday. We have noticed great improvements in balance, coordination, stamina, and confidence when starting children skating when they first start to walk. It all depends on the skater and the parents when they feel comfortable to start skating.

For safety reasons, no one is allowed to wear skates entering or exiting the facility or out in our parking lot. Please wear shoes while entering and exiting the facility.

We offer three types of roller skates to rent:

  • Regular (Quad) roller skates
    • Children’s sizes 6 – 2
    • Women’s sizes 3 – 10
    • Men’s sizes 3 – 14
  • Speed Skates
    • Men’s sizes 1 – 14
  • Inline (Roller Blade) Skates
    • Children’s sizes 12 – 4
    • Men’s sizes 4 -15

You are more than welcome to bring in your own stroller. We do have a few rules with them. First, strollers need to be clean of dirt, rocks and anything else that can fall on the skating floor. Second, items in any pocket or underneath must not be hazardous to any skater. Third, you are not allowed to have any food or drink in or on the stroller while on the skating floor. Finally, we ask that only a parent or an adult push the stroller.

Skagit Skate accepts a few different types of payments: Cash, Debit and Credit.
Please note: We do not accept personal checks.

Skagit Skate offers gift certificates in $5.00, $10.00 and $25.00 increments. 

Yes. For all groups who wish to receive a discount on admission, please call our office at 360-755-5001 to reserve your group and learn about our special rates.

New Skate Requirements as of July 9th, 2023

Due to the low clearance of mini (micro) wheels, all skates must pass the 2 quarters stacked test. We require this minimum clearance of skate trucks to insure our skating floor will not be damaged by scraping, scratching or gouging. To avoid issues at the door, test your clearance at home by placing two quarters stacked and make sure your truck can clear them. It is advised if you have these types of wheels, bring a bigger set to avoid issues.

All quad skates must have toe stops or plugs if there is a spot of them. Likewise, all inline skates must have a brake if the inline has the spot for them. Toe stops, brakes and plugs will be checked upon enter to ensure proper equipment and ensure the part is not too worn. A worn toe stop, brake or plug can expose the screw/bolt which can damage the floor.

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