Pizza Special Skate Night

Join us every Wednesday for our Pizza Special Skate Night!

• Four Admissions & Rentals
• Extra Large 16" Cheese Pizza*
• Extra Large Pitcher of Pop*
• 3 Hours of Roller Skating

Every Wednesday
5:00pm - 8:00pm

Only $44.00

4 Regular Skate Rentals

Pizza Special Skate Night at Skagit Skate

Extra Large 16" Cheese Pizza*

Extra Large Pitcher of Soda Pop!

Pitcher of Soda Pop

Pizzas Made at Skagit skate

Our pizzas are made exclusively at Skagit Skate. They are always made to order!

* Package price includes a cheese pizza. Extra toppings available for an additional cost. One extra large pitcher of soda pop with four cups included. Soda pop refills available for an additional charge.